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You said my name..!.



Jack frowned, wiping her cheeks very softly. “Oh god Fionna….ditch with me today, I’ll take you back to my house and we’ll talk.” He said, “shh… it’s alright” he told her, jnowing she wanted it quiet

"Dylan waits for me outside of my class periods every day to walk me. He’ll notice I’m gone," she said back to him, keeping her voice down and grabbing a tissue from her hoodie. Of course she was prepared for any signs of crying or bleeding. 

This relationship had gone on for almost two years, and there was nothing else she could do to prevent people from noticing why she was so sore at times, why she was so tired, or why her arms were always covered with sleeves…

This was Hell. 

"Well I’m not gonna just let you go with him. I got an idea." he said, determined to get her to a safer place than this. "Mr. Anderson? Fionna’s nose is bleeding like crazy, can I escort her to the nurse?" Getting the ok, he helped her to her feet and quickly walked out into the empty hall that would soon be filled with kids. "Let’s get to my car before the bell rings.." he said, keeping her close so he wouldn’t lose her



Jackson put his hands over his dace to make it look like he was rubbing his eyes before whispering the answer to her with a smirk, only loud enough for her to hear. He rested his hands in the desk after he had and smiled at her.

Hearing him help her out, she answered the question. “Y equals eighty-three cubed,” she said, and their teacher nodded, going on with the lesson. 

Fionna sighed, “Thanks…” she muttered to Jack.

"No problem" he said in a low, airy voice, his hand nudging hers with a wink before he looked back to the board, the eraser tip of his pencil between his teeth as he smiled.

At the end of class, they would get 10 minutes to work and talk. Jackson decided to use it to his advantage. “Alright, what’s going on? Why are you so out of it? Did someone hurt you or something??” He asked softly

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