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You said my name..!.


I daydream about my RPs.

Anonymous said: your rps with immortal-guitarist are so cute! why dont you two rp anymore??

//Well, he left for a while and he’s usually on when I’m off or right before I leave for school so I guess we just haven’t had a lot of time :/

But I can try and start one with him! I always loved rping with him and Marshal


Crazy, Stupid Love AU || Closed Rp


Delanie walked to the bar, yawning and running her fingers through her brown curls. She wasn’t one to go to the bar, this is the first time in months she’s actually gone. She went once on her 21st birthday but that was it. She sat down at the bar and the bartender smiled, “What…

Delanie sipped on her wine and licked her lips quickly then glanced up at him “oh.. Uh, just angry birds space.” She laughed, nervously, looking up at the man. ‘Holy shit.. He’s really handsome…’ She thought, her cheeks pink when she caught his eyes. She brushed her hair back and fixed her sitting position, crossing her legs.

"Yeah? Mind if I sit with you? I’ll buy you a drink" he offered, sitting without receiving her answer. "I’m Jack, by the way, beautiful." 

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